Redefining Industry Standards in Lexington


Over the past three-plus decades, Padgett Construction has worked hard to develop a reputation for excellence.

Since the company launched, “the Padgett name has become synonymous not only with brilliantly rendered custom estates but also with a highly organized, friendly and collaborative style of execution that the firm refers to as the ‘Ritz Carlton’ experience,” The Luxury of Home Magazine writes.

Padgett strives to be the first builder that comes to mind when clients desire state-of-the-art construction and cutting-edge practices and materials.

The company frequently turns to clients for input and decisiveness throughout the home building process. According to Padgett Founder Tom Padgett, a well-constructed home is a carefully balanced combination of communication, art, craftsmanship and technology.

“We strive to bring that kind of harmony to our projects,” Padgett told The Luxury of Home. “It’s like an orchestra with everyone playing their part perfectly at just the right time.”    

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